Maintaining Your Golf Car’s Battery

Golf cars have lead acid batteries that power the vehicle. Maintaining these batteries is important for the smooth functioning of golf cars. The batteries are located underneath the front seat. Great care has to be taken while checking and refilling water in the batteries.

Golf cart in garden Tips

  1. Always wear protective clothes, gloves and goggles while examining golf car batteries. Also, take off all jewelry and accessories. Never smoke near the batteries.

  2. Check water level in the batteries on a weekly basis. It’s crucial that the lead plates in the batteries remain submerged in water at all times. In the absence of proper water level, the batteries can catch fire.

  3. Ensure that the vent caps are secure. Clean battery tops using water and baking soda solution. Make sure that the solution is rinsed and dried thoroughly from the battery tops. Battery terminal and cable clamps are to be washed using a post and clamp solution.

  4. After charging the golf car batteries, add water. For this purpose, use only distilled water and avoid water that is high in minerals.

  5. Check the batteries regularly to ensure that they are free of cracks. The battery connections have to be clean, free of dirt or leaking fluid. Damaged batteries need to be replaced immediately.

  6. After cleaning, coat the battery clamps with petroleum jelly. The areas surrounding the batteries need to be spotless and dry.

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